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Find a Practitioner near you!
Find a Practitioner near you!

Bring your products to market—better.

Recognized for operational excellence and quality, Sun Ten helps you realize your vision—from new product launch to formulation engineering and high volume manufacturing.

We are a full-scale contract manufacturer of nutraceuticals, dietary supplements, and tea bags offering end-to-end solutions. Our seasoned sales representatives skillfully execute according to your specifications.

FORMULATION · We will work through the prototyping process with you to ensure the industrial feasibility of your formula. Our R&D team is available to modify formulas to ensure they meet the nutritional needs of your targeted consumer while keeping with nutritional experts’ advice. Sun Ten respects your confidentiality and operates under the terms of a non-disclosure agreement, which guarantees that your formulas remain top secret. 

SOURCING · Sun Ten maintains a consistent supply of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and Chinese herbs. We are adept in working with our raw materials or yours. Our specialists are also resourceful in acquiring specialty components ranging from ingredients to packaging.

DESIGN · Our team of graphic designers are prepared to assist in ensuring the professional market launch of your product. Advanced design services for customized logos and labels are always available.

TESTING · Raw materials and finished products undergo independent 3rd party microbiological testing for mold and bacteria, as well as chemical analyses for heavy metals. Identification and potency testing of key ingredients are done to support formulation efficacy. Supplemental testing is available upon request.

COMPLIANCE · Quality Assurance team members will apply their regulatory expertise to oversee the production of your product. We supply complete product specs, and a certificate of analysis (COA) for all finished goods. Export documentation and other documentation may be furnished as well.

TRACEABILITY · Protect your brand and reputation with our traceability solutions. Sun Ten recognizes that manufacturing is part of the greater supply chain. Our batch records help close information gaps to maintain customer safety and demand requirements.


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Phone: 949-587-0509
Address: 9250 Jeronimo Rd., Irvine, CA USA


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