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Q: What are your hours of operation?

Q: What holidays do you observe?


Q: Which forms are your herbal formulas available in?

Q: What forms are your single herbs available in?

Q: Are there any minimum order quantities (MOQ) for ordering stock items?

Q: Do you accept custom prescriptions?

Q: Can you custom make formulas?

Q: Do I need a license to buy your TCM products?

Q: What is your policy on patient safety?

Pricing, Discounts & Availability

Q: Why do your prices sometimes change?

Q: Are volume discounts available?


Q: What is the cut-off time to ship orders on the same day?

Q: What shipping methods do you have?

Q: Are there any discounts on shipping?

Q: I am a practitioner. Can I drop-ship orders directly to my patients?


Q: What credit cards do you accept?

Q: Do you accept purchases on credit?

Q: What is the fee on returned checks?

Return Policy

Q: Can I return any damaged or defective products, or ones with a shipment error?

Q: Can I return an unopened product?

Q: What cannot be returned or exchanged?

Name Change to Product or Ingredient on Labels

Q: Why has the name of a product/ingredient on the label changed?

Q: Does a name change mean the product/ingredient formulation has changed?

Q: How does this name change affect the safety and quality of the product/ingredient?

Q: Can I trust the product/ingredient as much as I did before the name change?

Q: Will the product/ingredient be available as usual?

Q: I have more questions about this change. Who can I reach out to?

Q: Will this name change affect the way I use the product?

USP Heavy Metal Testing Guidelines

Q: What are the USP guidelines for heavy metal testing and permissible exposure limits in dietary supplements?

Product Info

Are Sun Ten Products Gluten Free?

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