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Pacific Symposium 2022

  • Lonicera and Forsythia Combination
    April 29, 2020 Sun Ten

    Lonicera and Forsythia Combination

    Lonicera and Forsythia CombinationYin Qiao San (銀翹散) is a formula from the Detailed Analysis of Warm Diseases, Wen Bing Tiao Ben 溫病條辨 used to treat a warm disease pattern of pathogenic wind-warmth invading the upper burner to attack the lungs at the exterior. 
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  • Phragmites Combination
    April 28, 2020 Sun Ten

    Phragmites Combination

    Phragmites Combination, Wei Jing Tang (葦經湯) or Qian Jin Wei Jing Tang (千金葦經湯), is an important formula that is used to treat lung welling-abscesses (fei yong 肺癰).
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  • Siler and Astragalus Combination
    April 16, 2020 Sun Ten

    Siler and Astragalus Combination

    Siler and Astragalus Combination, Yu Ping Feng San (玉屏風) is a popular formula used to tonify the defensive qi (wei qi) in order to secure the exterior and protect the body from external pathogenic invasion.
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