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Lonicera & Forsythia Formula Granules

Yin Qiao San | 銀翹散
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Ingredients: Fructus Forsythiae (lian qiao), Flos Lonicerae japonicae (jin yin hua), Radix Platycodonis (jie geng), Herba Menthae (bo he), Fructus Arctii (niu bang zi), Radix Glycyrrhizae (gan cao), Semen Sojae praeparatum (dan dou shi), Herba Lophatheri (dan zhu ye), Herba Schizonepetae (jing jie), Rhizoma Phragmitis (lu gen).

Mandarin: 銀翹散
Pin-Yin: Yin Qiao San
English: Lonicera & Forsythia Formula
Romaji: Gingyo San
Kanji: 銀翹散
Kampo: No



  • Systematic Differentiation of Warm Pathogen Diseases (Wen Bing Tiao Bian)

How it works:

  • Vents wind heat through exterior
  • Removes heat from lungs
  • Relieves heat toxins from interior

Clinical Applications:

  • Febrile disease at the Wei level
  • Aversion to wind and cold
  • Thin white or thin yellow tongue coating

The original formula of Yin Qiao San goes back to the Ming dynasty and is used today as a standard remedy to treat febrile disease at the Wei level and aversion to wind and cold by venting wind heat through the exterior, removing heat from the lungs, and removing heat toxins from the interior.

English Name

Pin-Yin Name

Forsythia Fruit

Lian Qiao

Honeysuckle Flower

Jin Yin Hua


Jie Geng


Bo He Ye


Niu Bang Zi


Gan Cao

Prepared Soybean

Dan Dou Shi


Dan Zhu Ye


Jing Jie

Reed Rhizome

Lu Gen


Main Ingredient(s):

Yin Qiao San includes Honeysuckle Flower and Forsythia Fruit which are both used for clearing heat and relieving toxicity.

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