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Find a Practitioner - Policy

Since this directory is voluntary, not all health care practitioners will be listed. Sun Ten would also like to remind all users that the address information published in the Sun Ten practitioner search engine is updated quarterly with information provided by the health care practitioner. Sun Ten is not responsible for incorrect or out-of-date information. The information is also to be used only to assist in the finding of a health care practitioner clinic and should not be used for solicitation in any way.  

The Sun Ten “Find a Practitioner” search listing is limited to Sun Ten’s active customers that meet specific criteria, and who have chosen to make their information available in the directory. Not all practitioners will be listed.  

    We have the right to regulate content (which includes but is not limited to postings, text, images, emails, messages, and any other user communications (“content”)) posted to, stored on, or transmitted via our sites and services by any user. In our sole discretion and without notice, we may start, stop, or modify any regulation or enforcement measures at any time. We may cancel this program at any time. 

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