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Zhi Bo Di Huang Wan

Anemarrhena, Phellodendron & Rehmannia Formula Granules | 知柏地黃丸
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Ingredients: Rehmannia cured root tuber (shu di huang), Asiatic dogwood fruit without seed (shan zhu yu), Chinese yam rhizome (shan yao), Poria sclerotium (fu ling), Asian water plantain rhizome (zhe xie), Tree peony root bark (mu dan pi), Anemarrhena rhizome (zhi mu), Phellodendron stem bark (huang bo).

Mandarin: 知柏地黃丸
Pin-Yin: Zhi Bo Di Huang Wan
English: Anemarrhena, Phellodendron, & Rehmannia Formula
Romaji: Chibaku Jio Gan
Kanji: 知柏地黄丸
Kampo: No



  • Golden Mirror of the Medical Tradition (Yi Zhong Jin Jian)

How it works:

  • Nourishes yin
  • Drains fire
  • Clears deficiency heat and damp-heat


Clinical Applications:

  • Fire due to yin deficiency
  • Steaming-bone disorder
  • Big pulse in chi position
  • Damp-heat

Zhi Bo Di Huang Wan is a formula based on the classic formula Liu Wei Di Huang Tang with two more added ingredients, Anemarrhena and Phellodendron. This formula is used to nourish the yin by draining fire and damp-heat within the body, and it is used to extinguish fire caused by a yin deficiency as well as steaming-bone disorder.

English Name

Pin-Yin Name

Cooked Rehmannia

Shu Di Huang


Shan Zhu Yu


Shan Yao


Fu Ling


Ze Xie


Mu Dan Pi


Zhi Mu


Huang Bo


Main Ingredient(s):

In this formula, Anemarrhena enriches yin, clears heat and fire, and moistens dryness. Phellodendron drains damp heat and kidney fire, as well as relieves toxicity. Rehmannia nourishes the yin and blood, while also tonifying the kidneys.

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