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Si Ni San

Bupleurum & Chih-shih Formula Capsules | 四逆散
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Ingredients: Bupleurum root (chai hu), Bitter orange fruit (zhi shi), White peony root (bai shao), Chinese licorice root (gan cao).

Mandarin: 四逆散
Pin-Yin: Si Ni San
English: Bupleurum & Chih-shih Formula
Romaji: Shigyaku San
Kanji: 四逆散
Kampo: Yes




  • Discussion of Cold Damage (Shang Han Lun)

How it works:

  • Releases constrained qi
  • Distributes liver qi
  • Regulates the spleen

Clinical Applications:

  • Yang inversion caused by internal stagnation, preventing yang from spreading

This 2000-year-old formula was developed by the renowned Han dynasty physician Zhang Zhongjing. Si Ni San treats yang inversion caused by internal stagnation by releasing constrained qi, distributing liver qi, and regulating the spleen.

English Name

Pin-Yin Name

Bupleurum Root

Chai Hu

Bitter Orange Fruit

Zhi Shi

White Peony

Bai Shao

Licorice Root

Gan Cao


Main Ingredient(s):

In this formula, Bupleurum is used to address shaoyang disorders, transform phlegm, extinguish wind-heat and regulate qi. Chih-shih (Bitter Orange Fruit) distributes stagnant qi, moves qi downward, and alleviates stagnation in the middle burner.

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