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Da Qin Jiao Tang (Bian Fang)

Major Chin-chiu Combination Capsules | 大秦艽湯 (變方)
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 Ingredients: Large-leaved gentiana root (gin jiao), Fang-feng root (fang feng), Fragrant angelica (bai zhi), Pubescent angelica root (du huo), Peony root (shao yao), Notopterygium root (giang huo), Cinnamon twig (gui zhi), Tang-kuei root (dang gui), Cooked rehmannia root (shu di huang), Raw rehmannia root (sheng di huang), Cnidium root (chuan xiong), Scute root (huang qin), Gypsum (shi gao), Atractylodes root (bai zhu), Hoelen fungus (fu ling), Chinese licorice root (gan cao).

Mandarin: 大秦艽湯 (變方)
Pin-Yin: Da Qin Jiao Tang (Bian Fang)
English: Major Chin-chiu Combination
Romaji: Dai Jimgyo To
Kanji: 大秦艽湯
Kampo: No

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