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Sheng Hua Tang

Tang-kuei & Ginger Combination Capsules | 生化湯
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Ingredients: Tang-kuei root (dang gui), Peach kernel (tao ren), Cnidium root (chuan xiong), Chinese licorice root (gan cao), Ginger (gan jiang).

Mandarin: 生化湯
Pin-Yin: Sheng Hua Tang
English: Tang-kuei & Ginger Combination
Romaji: Sei Ka To
Kanji: 生化湯
Kampo: No


  • Qing-zhu Fu’s Gynecology (Fu Qing Zhu Nu Ke, 1684)

How it works:

  • Nourishes and activates the blood
  • Warms the meridians
  • Alleviates pain

Clinical Applications:

  • Postpartum blood deficiency with cold invasion

Sheng Hua Tang is a combination first found in “Qing-zhu Fu’s Gynecology” published in 1684 to help with postpartum blood deficiency with cold invasion by activating and nourishing the blood, warming the meridians, and alleviating pain.

English Name

Pin-Yin Name

Angelica Root

Dang Gui


Chuan Xiong


Tao Ren

Carbonized Ginger

Pao Jiang Tan

Baked Licorice

Zhi Gan Cao


Main Ingredient(s):

In this formula, Tang-kuei (Angelica Root) removes blood stasis and nourishes and activates the blood. Ginger (Carbonized) warms the meridians, dispels cold, and alleviates pain.

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