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Limited time offer: Buy 1 Get one 50% OFF - Herbal Waves Natural Jelly Drink

Dang Gui Shao Yao San

Tang-kuei & Peony Formula Granules | 當歸芍藥散
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Ingredients: Chinese peony root without bark (bai shao), Bai-zhu atractylodes rhizome (bai zhu),Poria sclerotium (fu ling),Asian water plantain rhizome (ze xie),Dong quai root (dang qui),Sichuan lovage rhizome (chuan xiong).

Mandarin: 當歸芍藥散
Pin-Yin: Dang Gui Shao Yao San
English: Tang-kuei & Peony Formula
Romaji: Toki Shakuyaku San
Kanji: 当帰芍薬湯
Kampo: Yes



  • Essentials from the Golden Cabinet (Jin Gui Lao Yue)

How it works:

  • Nourishes the blood
  • Tonifies the blood and the qi
  • Softens the liver
  • Fortifies the spleen
  • Enhances water metabolism

Clinical Applications:

  • Disharmony between and deficiency in liver and spleen
  • Blood stasis
  • Stagnation of the qi
  • Excess dampness

This formula was developed about 2000 years ago by one of the most renowned physicians of that time, Zhang Zhongjing, to nourish the blood, tonify the blood and the qi, soften the liver, fortify the spleen, and improve water metabolism in order to resolve disharmony between the liver and spleen and replenish the deficiency in the liver and spleen. Dang Gui Shao Yan San also clears stagnation of the qi and removes excess dampness.

English Name

Pin-Yin Name

White Peony

Bai Shao


Ze Xie


Chuan Xiong


Fu Ling

White Atractylodes

Bai Zhu

Angelica Root

Dang Gui


Main Ingredient(s):

In this formula, Dang Gui (Angelica Root) tonifies, strengthens, and harmonizes the liver, and White Peony pacifies the liver and nourishes the blood.

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