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Fu Yuan Huo Xue Tang (Bian Fang)

Tang-kuei & Persica Combination Capsules | 復元活血湯 (變方)
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Mandarin: 復元活血湯 (變方)
Pin-Yin: Fu Yuan Huo Xue Tang (Bian Fang)
English: Tang-kuei & Persica Combination
Romaji: Fukugan Kakketsu To
Kanji: 復元活血湯
Kampo: No


  • Medical Innovations (Yi Xue Fa Ming, 1251)

How it works:

  • Activates the blood
  • Disperses stagnant blood
  • Soothes the liver
  • Unblocks the meridians


Clinical Applications:

  • Blood stagnancy in the abdomen
  • Wiry or hesitant pulse

Fu Yuan Huo Xue Tang is an herbal combination first recorded in the Song dynasty by Li Gao use traditionally to help treat blood stagnancy in the abdomen by activating the blood, dispersing stagnant blood, soothing the liver, and unblocking the meridians.

English Name

Pin-Yin Name


Da Huang


Chai Hu

Angelica Root

Dang Gui


Tao Ren


Hong Hua

Pangolin Scale

Chuan Shan Jia

Trichosanthes Root

Gua Lou Gen


Gan Cao


Main Ingredient(s):

In this formula, Tang-kuei (Angelica Root) and Persica are used to activate the blood, remove blood stasis, and alleviate pain.

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