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Limited time offer: Buy 1 Get one 50% OFF - Herbal Waves Natural Jelly Drink

Gua Lou Zhi Shi Tang

Trichosanthes & Chih-shih Combination Granules | 瓜蔞枳實湯
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Ingredients: Gardenia fruit (zhi zi), Scute root (huang qin), Tang-kuei root (dang gui), Chinese licorice root (gan cao), Trichosanthes seed (gua lou ren), Fritillaria sichuan bulb (chuan bei mu), Bamboo sap (zhu ru), Ginger root, Bitter orange fruit (zhi shi), Citrus peel (chen pi), Cardamon fruit (suo sha), Aucklandia lappa root (mu xiang), Hoelen fungus (fu ling), Platycodon root (jie geng).

Mandarin: 瓜樓枳實湯
Pin-Yin: Gua Lou Zhi Shi Tang
English: Trichosanthes & Chih-shih Combination
Romaji: Karo Kijitsu To
Kanji: 栝楼枳実湯
Kampo: Yes




  • Bring Spring Back to Myriad Diseases (Wan Bing Hui Chun, 1587)

How it works:

  • Purges heat
  • Transforms phlegm
  • Regulates qi flow
  • Disperses accumulations

Clinical Applications:

  • Accumulation of viscid phlegm

This 16th century formula was developed by the physician Gong Tingxian and published in “Bring Spring Back to Myriad Diseases.” Gua Lou Zhi Shi Tang removes accumulations of viscid phlegm by purging heat, transforming the phlegm, and regulating the flow of qi.

English Name

Pin-Yin Name


Bei Mu


Gua Lou


Zhi Shi


Zhi Zi


Huang Qin


Jie Geng


Fu Ling

Citrus Peel

Chen Pi

Angelica Root

Dang Gui


Suo Sha


Mu Xiang


Gan Cao


Main Ingredient(s):

In this formula, Trichosanthes purges heat from the lungs and transforms hot phlegm, and Chih-shih loosens stagnant qi and accumulations, moves qi downward, removes blockage from the bowels, and transforms phlegm.

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