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Thirty Years of Kanpō: Selected Case Studies of an Herbal Doctor

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By Keisetsu Otsuka

Translated by Hong-yen Hsu

Originally trained in Western medical science, Dr. Keisetsu Otsuka at first felt antagonistic toward kanpo (traditional Chinese medicine), considering it to be little more than superstition. As he began studying the ancient system of therapy, he realized its clinical approach was as valid as that of modern medicine. Being one of Japan’s most renowned traditional practitioners in modern times, Otsuka brings together a rich variety of medical case histories accumulated from his thirty year practice. With admirable diligence, Dr. Otsuka includes his failures along with his successes in the hopes that others will learn from his mistakes. Otsuka will long be remembered as a man whose efforts prevented kanpo from falling into oblivion.

(Paperback, 442 pgs.)

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