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25 Year Abstracts of Bulletin of the OHAI of USA

25 Year Abstracts of: Bulletin of the O.H.A.I. of USA (1976-1985), O.H.A.I. International Bulletin (1986-1988) and International Journal of Oriental Medicine (1989-2000)

Compiled by Joseph Y. Lin, Ph.D.

OHAI’s mission has been to introduce the concepts, theories, and clinical evaluations of traditional Chinese medicine to the Western world. As a part of that mission, OHAI has translated and published 67 issues of the Oriental Healing Arts Institute International Bulletin. OHAI also began issuing the International Journal of Oriental Medicine in 1989 with the aim of furthering the integration of Western and Chinese health care practices. This journal contains original research papers from China, Taiwan, Japan, the United States, and Europe as well as translations of classical works, historical and theoretical articles, studies of individual herbs and formulas, and reviews of clinical experiences. This book is a collection of OHAI journal abstracts from over the past 25 years.

(Paperback, 310 pgs.)

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