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Gu Sui Bu

Drynaria | 骨碎補
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Ingredient: Drynaria root (gu sui bu).

Mandarin: 骨碎補
Pin-Yin: Gu Sui Bu
English: Drynaria
Korean: 골쇄보
Romaji: Kotsusaiho
Kanji: 骨砕補
Kampo: No



Pharmaceutical Name:

  • Drynariae Rhizoma


  • Chinese Herbal Medicine Materia Medica (Bensky et al.)


  • Bitter, warm

Channels Entered:

  • Kidney, liver

Herb Actions:

  • Tonifies the kidneys and promotes bone health
  • Supports the mending of sinews and bones


  • Not recommended for those with yin deficiency
  • Not recommended for those with the absence of blood stasis
  • Not recommended to be used together with other wind-expelling drying herbs


Commonly Found In:

  • None found

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