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Xiao Hui Xiang

Fennel | 小茴香
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Ingredient: Fennel fruit (xiao hui xiang).

Mandarin: 小茴香
Pin-Yin: Xiao Hui Xiang
English: Fennel
Korean: 향유
Romaji: Uikyo
Kanji: 茴香
Kampo: No


Pharmaceutical Name:

  • Foeniculi Fructus


  • Chinese Herbal Medicine Materia Medica (Bensky et al.)


  • Warm, acrid

Channels Entered:

  • Stomach, spleen, liver, kidney

Herb Actions:

  • Dispels cold
  • Brings warmth to the liver and kidneys
  • Alleviates pain
  • Controls the flow of qi
  • Harmonizes the stomach


  • Not recommended for those with blazing fire caused by a deficiency of yin

Commonly Found In:

  • Cnidium & Bulrush Combination, Lycium Formula, Cardamon & Fennel Formula, Tang-kuei & Rehmannia Combination

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