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Fu Pen Zi

Rubus | 覆盆子
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Ingredient: Rubus fruit (fu pen zi) (Rubus chingii).

Mandarin: 覆盆子
Pin-Yin: Fu Pen Zi
English: Rubus
Korean: 복분자
Romaji: Fukubonshi
Kanji: 覆盆子
Kampo: No


Pharmaceutical Name:

  • Rubi Fructus


  • Chinese Herbal Medicine Materia Medica (Bensky et al.)


  • Sweet, astringent, neutral

Channels Entered:

  • Kidney, liver

Herb Actions:

  • Augments and stabilizes the kidneys
  • Binds the essence
  • Assists the yang
  • Promotes eye health


  • Not recommended for those with urinary difficulties
  • Use with caution for those with yin deficiency with heat signs

Commonly Found In:

  • None found

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