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Tu Fu Ling

Smilax | 土茯苓
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Ingredient: Smilax root (tu fu ling) (Smilax glabra).

Mandarin: 土茯苓
Pin-Yin: Tu Fu Ling
English: Smilax
Korean: 천남성
Romaji: Dobukuryo
Kanji: 土茯苓
Kampo: No

Pharmaceutical Name:

  • Smilacis glabrae Rhizoma


  • Chinese Herbal Medicine Materia Medica (Bensky et al.)


  • Sweet, bland, neutral

Channels Entered:

  • Liver, stomach

Herb Actions:

  • Resolves toxicity and eliminates dampness
  • Clears damp-heat from skin


  • There is a reported case of an allergic reaction with skin irritation, agitation, and rash

Commonly Found In:

  • None found

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