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Three Ginsengs Pills

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Ingredients: American ginseng root, Oriental ginseng root (ren-shen), Eleuthero root (ci-wu-jia ), Salvia root (salvia miltiorrhiza), Panax ginseng.

Description: Three Ginseng Pill is an excellent combination of four important Chinese herbal medicinals. The foundation of the formula is the combination of Chinese ginseng, American ginseng, and eleuthro (commonly recognized as Siberian ginseng). Each of these three powerful herbal medicinals offers unique healthy qualities. A fourth ingredient has been thoughtfully included. Salvia is a cooling herb that promotes proper blood circulation, grounds the stimulating effects of ginseng and balances the formulation perfectly.

Chinese ginseng is arguably the most famous herb in the world. It greatly tonifies the body’s qi while calming the mind. The root has a shape similar to man and is thought to possess special healing qualities for men. Modern research has shown that ginseng does increase energy levels and energy production at the cellular level. It is also recognized as an adaptogen which helps protects the body from stress.

American ginseng is also a ginseng but grown in the North American continent. It differs from Chinese ginseng with a cooling property and helps the body to regain moisture and generate body fluids. In China, while not as warming as Chinese ginseng, American ginseng has been found to contain a higher volume of the important active constituent ginsenoside.*

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