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Commonly Used Chinese Herbal Formulas with Illustrations 2nd Edition (Volume I)

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Written by Hong-Yen Hsu, Ph.D. and Chau-Shin Hsu Ph.D

Revised by Chau-Shin Hsu, Ph.D. and Qing-Fu Hu O.M.D

This book contains more than 400 formulas including 391 of the most commonly used herbal formulas plus other associated described in detail complete with charts and illustrations. Each formula is presented in both classical presentation regarding traditional herbal theory as well as pertinent modern applications and scientific studies referenced and supplemented from an extensive data collection including 25 classical books about herbal formulations and 70 scientific journals. Each formula is outlined in a detailed descriptive format including the following topics:

There are source, ingredients, preparation, function, indication, action of ingredients, pharmacological studies, clinical applications, commentary, discrimination and reference.

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