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Practitioners: FREE Shipping on orders $125+
Practitioners: FREE Shipping on orders $125+
  • Arthroplex


    Description: Arthroplex helps maintain healthy joints and joint tissues. Glucosamine sulfate is an essential nutrient for the production of proteog...

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  • Three Imperial Mushrooms

    Three Imperial Mushrooms

    Ingredients: Reishi mushroom 10 : 1 extract (Ganoderma lucidum [Leyss. ex Fr.] (ling zhi), Maitake mushroon 8 : 1 extract (Grifola frondosa), Shit...

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  • Three Ginsengs Pills

    Three Ginsengs Pills

    Ingredients: American ginseng root, Oriental ginseng root (ren-shen), Eleuthero root (ci-wu-jia ), Salvia root (salvia miltiorrhiza), Panax ginsen...

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  • Lung Wellness

    Lung Wellness

    The short 5-day protocol vegan version of our best seller 671B, Jing Fie San. Ingredients: Gypsum (shi gao), Bupleurum (chai hu), Poria (fu ling), ...

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  • Ginkgocidium
    Sold out


    Ingredients: Ginkgo leaf (Ginkgo biloba), Cnidium root (Ligusticum chuan-xiong), ginseng root (red), Schizandra.Description: Ginkgo biloba is well ...

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  • Immune Support

    Immune Support

    Ingredients: Vitamin A (as vitamin A palmitate), Vitamin C (as ascorbic acid), Zinc 20% (as zinc amino acid chelate), Copper 10% (as copper amino ...

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  • Tang-kuei Shou Wu Pills

    Tang-kuei Shou Wu Pills

    Ingredients: Dong-quai root (dang-gui), Fo-ti root (he-shou-wu), Eleuthero root (ci-wu-jia), Cyperus (Xiang-fu-zi), Epimedium (Yin-yang-huo).Descri...

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  • American Ginseng Pill

    American Ginseng Pill

    Ingredient: American ginseng root ext, 4:1(Radix Panax quinquefolius). Description: Tonifies and nourishes Qi and Yin. American Ginseng is a high...

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  • NeuroZac


    Ingredients: St. John's Wort herb extract ** (0.3% hypericins), Herbal extract of Silk tree bark (he-huan-pi),Eleuthero root and Turmeric root, ...

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  • Nine Treasure Formula

    Nine Treasure Formula

    Ingredients: Chinese giant hyssop aboveground parts (huo xiang), Chinese skullcap root (huang qin), Isatis root (ban lan gen), Japanese honeysuckle...

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  • Ladies Internal Beauty Pills

    Ladies Internal Beauty Pills

    Description: According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, female health is largely based on the condition of the blood. Following this principle, La...

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